Science Department Vision:


  • A culture of high aspiration, with each student endeavouring to aim for the highest academic achievement within their science qualifications
  • A well rounded education within all topics covered; extending beyond academic study and offering rich and diverse opportunities, enabling students to broaden their horizons and to feel that they can succeed in areas relevant to them as individuals
  • A commitment to the success of each individual regardless of academic starting point – embracing mixed ability teaching with a belief that each individual can excel
  • Nurturing and improving students’ independent learning skills so that each individual can have the confidence to learn “How to Learn”
  • A culture that enables students to reflect on their own learning, and to identify for themselves where they need to improve and developRigorous schemes of work that look at developing key scientific knowledge and skills; fostering an enjoyment of the subject

Curriculum Maps

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10 Combined Biology

Year 10 Combined Chemistry

Year 10 Combined Physics

Year 11 Combined Biology

Year 11 Combined Chemistry

Year 11 Combined Physics


Year 10 Biology

Year 10 Chemistry

Year 10 Physics

Year 11 Biology

Year 11 Chemistry

Year 11 Physics

Links to exam specs:

A Level: OCR

A Level Biology

A level Chemistry

A level Physics



AQA GCSE Combined science

AQA GCSE Triple science, Biology

AQA GCSE Triple science, Chemistry

AQA GCSE Triple science, Physics


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All Sciences  (Chem and Phys only)

 Science KS3

Science KS4

Science KS5


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