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Young Enterprise Success at Southborough Sixth Form

What IS Young Enterprise? 

This is only the third year that Southborough Sixth Form has taken part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme – but we’ve already had some pretty amazing success!




When our first team ‘ACE’ (above) took part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme back in 2014, little did we know that we would win a string of awards and heats, beating countless schools first in Kingston and Richmond, then South London, then London , then the entire UK, winning the coveted ‘UK Company of The Year for 2014’! The product that they designed, developed and manufactured was an adhesive pad called ‘Attache’, which could be used to attach keys, mobile phones and an array of other everyday objects to the wall, cupboard or even your car dashboard.

The team went on to represent the UK in the European finals, winning the runner up position of second place. Given that an amazing 3.3 million students within 75,000 schools participated in the programme that year, it was some feat!


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In 2015, our next team, called ‘Alpha’, created an innovative backpack called ‘Vice Versa’ that was specially designed to keep possessions safe from thieves. Unlike the traditional backpack, the zip was relocated, tucked safely on the side that sits against the users’ back.



Whilst not winning the coveted UK finals this time around, the team none-the-less won a large number of trophies along the way, including: Best Overall Company (five times!), Best Presentation Team (twice!), Best Company Report (twice) and Best Trade Stand. Team Alpha were, at times, prepared to take risks and even performed a flash-mob ‘Operation Guerilla’ as part of their marketing strategy. Suffice to say, they ultimately beat over 170 schools – including those in Kingston and Richmond – to be crowned winners of South West London.




Having identified a clear gap in the market, our team this year, called Zenith, have designed and manufactured a stream-lined set of recyclable shopping bags that can be stored neatly and efficiently together. Being both memorable and easy to use, the product also helps speed up the act of packing away your food, drink and consumables at the supermarket shopping till. What’s not to like?

 It’s still early days in the competition, but the team appear to be doing well, with sales going through the roof and the team already clocking up a number of awards.

We wish them lots of luck!




After four very successful years, Team Orion realised that the stakes were high! After
thorough market research, the team decided on the new product; a ‘re-usable’ plastic ice
cube that lights up in a variety of different colours. However, their proven popularity for
parties and get-togethers got the team thinking about other ways that the attractive ice
cubes could be used for and they were delighted when an order was made by a local
primary school, who wanted to use them in their SEN department. The product proved to
be an instant hit and at the end of the year, they reached aYoung Enterprise 2017 pic 1
massive (and unheard of in YE centres) sales total of
£6660.00! Not only did the product sell well, but the team
managed to, once again, win numerous awards along the
way. Awards included:

3x Best Trade Stand

2x Best Company Report

2x Best Presentation

Best Achiever of the Year Award – Vikesh Nesarajah

To date, the Southborough teams are still the most successful performing school from
any comprehensive, non-selective state school in the country; an achievement we are
extremely proud of!

 Young Enterprise 2017 pic 2



In 2018, our next team, Iris, marketed an innovative range of headphones that could be changed into speakers. Available in a variety of colours, the product proved to be a huge success, generating over £9,000 in revenue. They even designed and manufactured a special decking station on which to house both the speakers and the customer’s phone.

Team Iris won ‘Best Customer Service’ and Achiever of The Year was awarded to our Managing Director, student Anjevan Mahendran in the Kingston and Richmond Regional finals. Only two schools went through to the South London final, us and Tiffin Girls. Whilst we didn’t win this heat, the team won ‘Best Presentation’.



It’s very early days as Team Apex has only just got together and begun the journey of brain-storming and researching ideas for the 2019/2020 Young Enterprise competition. However, what we do know is that we have an amazing group of students who are extremely capable and incredibly determined to make a success of it. Watch this space!



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