Media Studies

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Curriculum aims

  • To enable pupils to reach their full potential.
  • To enable students to explore media texts with confidence and knowledge.
  • To create their own media texts and have the choice to follow, extend or challenge conventions.
  • To develop an interest in the richness of all areas of media output.
  • To give pupils experience of a wide range of media texts.
  • To provoke and stimulate a sense of personal and social awareness and an ability to empathise with others.
  • To encourage pupils to be both self-critical and aware of the media in the wider context.
  • To make pupils aware that skills developed in Media Studies have a vital contribution to make their work across the whole curriculum and to life outside school, including the workplace.


GCSE AQA media studies

FullSizeRender 25Unit 1: Investigating the Media

  • Written Examination Paper
  • 1 hour 30 mins – 60 marks – 40%
  • The subject for examination in 2013 - The Music Press.
  • Material for the examination will be released one month before exam.

Unit 2: Understanding the Media 90 marks – 60%

  • Controlled Assessment will comprise of three assignments: Introductory assignment (Print media);
  • Cross-media
  • Assignment (Film trailer & marketing); Practical Production and Evaluation.


BTEC Creative Media Production


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 BTEC Creative Media Production offers a practical approach that can be lacking in more traditional routes, by applying learning to real life situations. Students have to undertake a number of units for which they present evidence

based on actual work and studies. This allows them to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. Assessment is 100% course work based.

BTEC Level 2 First (Single)

This course is offered to Key Stage 4 students, starting in Year 10. The following units are covered over a two-year period: Research for Creative Media Production, Communication techniques for Creative Media Production, and a choice from Video Production, Print Production and/or Advertising Production.

BTEC Level 3 Nationals (Double or Single)

This course is offered to students aged 16 upwards. Some of the units covered over a two-year period include: Research techniques for the Creative Media Industries, Production management projects, Film & Video Editing Techniques, Television & Film Studies, Music Video Production, Stop Motion Animation Production and Advertisement Production for Television.


OCR A Level media studies

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Students will undertake the production of a media text; such as a magazine. (COURSEWORK)

Students will study TV Drama and gain an understanding of textual analysis and representations and learn how to analyse texts unseen. (EXAMINATION)

Students will also study a particular media industry e.g. the music business. (EXAMINATION)


Students will produce a media portfolio comprising of one major production and two related productions. (COURSEWORK)

Using current theory students will critically evaluate their productions and undertake a study of contemporary media issues; such as post modernism and computer games, film and pop video. (EXAMINATION)


GCSE AQA Media Studies
BTEC Creative Media Production
OCR A-Level Media Studies

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