Southborough Sixth Formers:

Mentoring Younger students

As mature and responsible students, it’s not surprising that Southborough Sixth Formers actively support a number of younger students through the school’s organised mentoring scheme. Sixth Formers are specially profiled to enable their particular skills to complement the needs of younger students. To this end, then, Sixth Formers with strong literacy skills often provide extra reading lessons to those students who may appreciate a little extra support in this area. Equally, some younger students benefit from the sensible advice and direction of Sixth Formers who have, themselves, perhaps experienced a bit  of a wobbly start to secondary school in the past - but have gone on to excel at every level.

In whatever capacity, our Sixth Formers benefit no end from ‘giving something back’ to a community that, more often than not, has given so very much to them.

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