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Why choose Southborough High School?

So how does our new cohort of Year 7 students feel about their new school?
And did our transition programme help them?

We caught up with a number of new Year 7 students to find out how they were settling in and what they thought of their new school. Looking incredibly smart in their new uniforms, it was clear to see that they were already happy and settled. And they were super keen to share stories of why they were all so happy to be at their new school!

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All were quick to point out that they had attended Friendship Day, Summer School and Walton Firs Activity Centre and agreed that each had proved to be the perfect time to meet new friends, familiarise themselves with the school building and have some fun bonding with both students and staff. Interestingly, they also pointed out that the school day at Southborough seemed ‘shorter’ than at primary school. When asked to elaborate, they said that the nature of the secondary school day being highly structured and varied –and having to move from room to room between lessons- made the day more interesting and fun. And as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!

Here’s what our Year 7 students had to say:


Curtis “Going on the Walton Firs trip at the very start of the new year was fantastic as we took part in some amazing activities and it was so easy to make new friends as we could really be ourselves. I already enjoy the lessons here at Southborough; I like them all at the moment and can’t decide which one is my favourite!” “We were warned in primary school that the teachers at secondary school would be very stern and strict, so we were all a little worried about this. However, we couldn’t have wished for a warmer welcome from them all when we arrived. The teachers certainly made it clear about expectations on behaviour and work but they did this in a kind and encouraging way. Many of us have already been given ‘positive points’ for being good and working hard. I think it’s great that you can collect these points and exchange them for gifts. How great is that?!”


Seth “Summer School was really cool as we took part in some fun activities. I really liked baking cookies with my classmates. Under supervision we were trusted to follow the recipe ourselves and they actually turned out well! Southborough was definitely my first choice. I knew from the start that it was the right place for me. I even encouraged a few of my old primary school friends to choose Southborough, too. We all are very happy with our decision. It’s great here. As for my favourite lessons at Southborough, I do love PE! I play for a local cricket team so hope to represent the school at cricket one day.”


Charles“Funnily enough, I love cricket too, so it was great to find that cricket fanatic Seth was in my class when we first started school. Even though there are a number of boys from my old primary school here, I’ve made many more new friends since being here. The canteen here serves such tasty food. There is SO much choice! We are all very keen to get to the front of the queue when lunchtime starts! Initially Southborough wasn’t my first choice but once I’d attended Summer School and Walton Firs, I soon changed my mind. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I just feel so at home here!”


Haider“ I really like all my lessons - especially Maths and Science—but my favourite is P.E. That’s because I love to play basketball and my P.E teacher loves basketball, too. He runs the school’s basketball teams and they have done really well in competitions in recent years, winning many tournaments, including the U13 Surrey Championship league. I want to be part of that success one day! I also really enjoyed out day at Walton Firs as it gave us the opportunity to take part in activities that we wouldn’t normally do, like high roles and making dens. It was the perfect time to chat to others in your groups. I made some really good friends that day!”


Rayan “I found Summer School fun and the staff were very friendly. I didn’t feel as nervous about joining school after that. My favourite subjects are Maths and Geography. Geography lessons take place on the 4th floor so we have to climb a lot of steps to get to our classroom. It’s worth it, though, as the teacher makes the lessons so interesting! The canteen food is also delicious and there’s something different to choose from every day. Outside in the playground there is also lots to do. There is a new, additional astro turf for younger year students to play football on, some table tennis tables and lots of outdoor gym equipment. I certainly don’t get bored during break time.”

We know that our structured and carefully designed transition programme enables all our new year 7 students to experience a positive and happy start to secondary school life here at Southborough. Come and see for yourself at our Open Evening and Open Day tours!