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Rewards and Sanctions

School rewards

Southborough runs a rewards and sanctions (Zehr) system based on the positive and negative points students receive for their behaviour, attitude and Commitment to Learning (CtL). These behaviour points, both positive and negative, are displayed and communicated on Class Charts for students and parents/carers to see.

Parents and carers are informed immediately when any positive or negative behaviour points are issued on Class Charts.

Once students accumulate a certain amount of positive points they are able to ‘cash in' these points in our rewards store, where students can purchase exciting rewards for all their hard-earned positive points.

School Sanctions (Zehrs)

What is commonly known in schools as detention, is referred to as a ‘Zehr’ here at Southborough.

They are named ‘Zehrs’ after the American professor, Howard Zehr, who in the 1920s created the concept of restorative justice. This concept proves that a respectful, constructive and restorative conversation is the most effective way to improve the mistakes a young person makes in life.

Our school values are prevalent in this approach and as a school, we want to lead by example for our students in ensuring that they learn the importance of these core values of Support, Challenge, Respect, Resilience, Relationships and Responsibility.

Teachers will issues students with a 1st warning (0 negative points) and then a second warning (-1 pt) and if improvements are still not made a Zehr Own Time (-2 pts).

A ‘Zehr Own Time’ means that the teacher will give the student a precise time, day and location to meet and have a zehr conversation. This places the responsibility on the student to attend their Zehr and have this restorative conversation.

If a student fails to attend their Zehr Own Time then the following will happen:

  • Failure to attend a Zehr Own Time will automatically upscale the very next day to a lunchtime Zehr (Up to 30 minutes in the hall & -3 pts)
  • Failure to attend a Zehr lunchtime will automatically upscale the very next day to a 2nd chance lunchtime Zehr (Up to 40 minutes & -4 pts)
  • Failure to attend a 2nd chance lunchtime Zehr will automatically upscale to a Saturday HT detention for that same week (2 hours & -5pts)

The sanction procedures outlined above are embedded in our Behaviour Policy and each stage is clearly communicated to parents/carers on Class Charts.