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Media Studies

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Media Studies is an exciting subject that we offer at KS4 and KS5. Students will be familiar with some of the approaches through their study of English, though Media texts come in diverse forms. Texts are analysed and deconstructed for meaning and their impact is assessed. The subject also explores the business aspects of media production, a multi-billion dollar industry whilst students are also given the opportunity to create media products from short films to magazines, using the latest technology and methods.

The effects of Internet media are felt globally and influence our daily lives. Much of the course explores the impact of social media, online content and gaming on our culture, identity and society at large. 

Traditional forms of media such as film, music, newspapers, magazines and television have long been seen as an accompaniment to our lives, whether used as expressions of taste and personal identity or simply diversions. These remain an important part of what we study, exploring how they remain relevant in the 21st Century.

The Media department has a dedicated editing suite, with top of the range cameras and filming equipment, along with industry-standard desktop publishing and photo-design packages. Fantastic opportunities are available for students to improve their understanding outside the classroom; talks at the BFI, visits to movie sets and attendance at a series of lectures and workshops, including behind the scenes access at Disneyland, Paris.

Media Studies is an increasingly popular choice for entry into many degree courses including English, the Social Sciences, Arts, Film, Journalism, Political Science and Literary Studies.


Curriculum Aims

  • To enable pupils to realise their potential.
  • To enable students to explore media texts with confidence and knowledge.
  • To create their own media texts and have the choice to follow, extend or challenge conventions.
  • To develop an interest in the richness of all areas of media output.
  • To give pupils experience of a wide range of media texts.
  • To provoke and stimulate a sense of personal and social awareness and an ability to empathise with others.
  • To encourage pupils to be both self-critical and aware of the media in the wider context.
  • To make pupils aware that skills developed in Media Studies have a vital contribution to make their work across the whole curriculum and to life outside school, including the workplace.

Key Stage 4

CamNat Creative iMedia

OCR Cambridge National Creative iMedia


Key Stage 5

BTEC Creative Digital Media Production

BTEC National Creative Digital Media Production



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English creative imedia new specification starting in sep 2022 y10English creative imedia new specification starting in sep 2022 y11English creative digital media production y12English creative digital media production y13