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Mathematics is a vital and all encompassing subject that is the study of number, structure, space, change and statistics. It is a creative and highly interconnected discipline that has been developed over centuries.


It is an essential tool in today’s modern world because students have to learn to solve problems through abstraction and reasoning.

The Maths Faculty at Southborough is built upon its relationships with the students it teaches. The breadth of offer that is presented meets our intent of making the difference to all our students. The Maths Faculty enables every student to experience success by assessing them with coached topic tests and unseen examinations at the end of each term.                                                                  

Year 7 students are assessed within the first half term and from then on all students are taught in streamed classes so that teachers can provide the right level of pace to support and challenge every student and ensure progress of all.

It is important to note that although streamed, all Year 7 and Year 8 students follow the same curriculum. From Year 9 the curriculum is then split between Foundation and Higher content but the Maths Faculty prides itself on bridging any progressing student to access Higher up to Year 11.

In Year 10 all students will take GCSE Statistics at the end of year 10 whilst undertaking GCSE Mathematics at the end of their Year 11 studies. This provides them essential skills useful to business and the workplace as it gives them understanding and critical thinking about how to analyse data,  and also gives them vital insight and preparation for their other GCSEs in their exam year.

Our willingness to challenge our most able mathematicians sees them invited to study FMSQ Additional Mathematics (AS Level equivalent) in Year 11 as an extra qualification. This sets them up very confidently for A Level Maths courses post-16.

The Maths Faculty is proud to offer an extensive range of courses for our students in the 6th Form covering all abilities:

  • Level 3 qualifications (2 years): Maths and Further Maths A Levels
  • Level 3 qualification (1 year): “Core” Maths Certificate
  • Level 2 qualifications for students who have not achieved a grade 4 at GCSE: GCSE Maths or Functional Skills.
Mathematics is a very popular choice in the Sixth Form making us one of the largest subjects at that level. Students achieve strong results in A Level Maths and Further Maths, leading to offers in a wide range of subjects at some of the best universities in the country.

Faculty members pride themselves on their passion for Maths and an intense desire to transmit it to students. To that effect we further extend our offer to extra-curricular opportunities by providing access to a variety of exciting talks within and outside of school, extending their interest and knowledge of Mathematics far beyond the classroom.


Students are very successful when taking part in local and national Maths competitions including the UKMT Maths Challenges and Olympiads, the Surrey SATRO Problem Solving Challenge.

As part of our inclusive approach, all Year 7 take part in the Junior UKMT Maths Challenge.

The Maths Faculty runs a thriving Chess Club across all years and participates in local competitions.


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