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Religious Studies

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Religious Studies helps students learn about how religion, philosophy, and ethics form the basis of our culture. It also encourages them to develop a set of ethical and moral beliefs. 

The study of religion and the elements within it is imperative to a holistic education.

In the department we develop students' skills to be able to examine, talk about and understand the world’s major religions as well as the ability to discuss ethical issues and philosophical concepts. In doing so, students are encouraged to develop a sense of self-worth, duty, responsibility and respect for others. Nurturing lively and enquiring minds, the subject encourages pupils to appreciate diverse and contrasting beliefs and to develop the ability to argue cogently and rationally.

Learning outside the classroom and inspiring pupils to engage with the broader subject area is vital. Understanding the way in which we behave in society, how we believe, the questions of morality and faith are all subjects discussed daily in our newsfeeds.

Visits from various religious leaders inspire pupils to consider arguments such as the influence of Buddhist mindfulness and meditation on productivity. 

In KS3 we deliver an in-depth evaluation on the six major religions, covering the three prominent Eastern faiths and practices. To strengthen their knowledge further, each year group visits the respective places of worship.

The GCSE course is very popular and addresses issues of current debate ranging from philosophical questions over the existence of God and religion versus science through to ethical issues such as abortion, euthanasia, war, poverty and sexual ethics. Students enjoy the opportunity to debate important philosophical and ethical issues and apply their understanding of both Christian and Islamic viewpoints to key questions, as well as exploring non-religious and secular responses.

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