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“Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done.”

The sciences are amongst the most popular and successful subjects at Southborough High School.

All students study Biology, Physics and Chemistry up to the end of the Year 11 and large numbers continue at least one of these to A Level. The sciences are also well represented in the courses students choose to follow at university: last year nearly a quarter of our Year 13 leavers went on to study the sciences, engineering and medicine related courses.

All students in Key Stage 3 are taught general science using our bespoke programmes of study, with an emphasis on the acquisition of relevant skills.  From Year 10 onwards, students opt to undertake GCSE Combined or Triple (separate) Science - each of the three sciences are taught by subject specialists.

All three sciences are available at A Level, either together or in combination with a wide range of other subjects.

Making aspirin

We have a strong emphasis on offering a range of enrichment opportunities including: annual celebrations of Science Week, trips each year, including the Natural History Museum, NPL and Wisley.  We have visited London for specialist lectures as well as welcoming speakers to the school.  We are a friendly department in which our students thrive and their ‘have a go’ attitude breeds success both within and beyond the classroom.

Our students study Science to cultivate awe and mystery through their learning.

Studying Science at Southborough High School will foster habits of careful observation, critical thinking and moral reflection in our students. They will gain an understanding of the basic science principles that inform some of the most contentious and important discussions of the day (e.g. pandemic control, global warming and use of nuclear power), and of the future.

Science Department Vision

  • A culture of high aspiration, with each student endeavouring to aim for the highest academic achievement within their science qualifications
  • A well rounded education within all topics covered; extending beyond academic study and offering rich and diverse opportunities, enabling students to broaden their horizons and to feel that they can succeed in areas relevant to them as individuals
  • A commitment to the success of each individual regardless of academic starting point – embracing mixed ability teaching with a belief that each individual can excel
  • Nurturing and improving students’ independent learning skills so that each individual can have the confidence to learn “How to Learn”
  • A culture that enables students to reflect on their own learning, and to identify for themselves where they need to improve and develop rigorous schemes of work that look at developing key scientific knowledge and skills; fostering an enjoyment of the subject


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GCSE  Exam Specifications

AQA GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy SpecificationsAQA GCSE Triple Science: Biology SpecificationAQA GCSE Triple Science: Chemistry SpecificationAQA GCSE Triple Science: Physics Specification

A Level Exam Specifications

Links to A Level Exam Specifications

A Level Biology

OCR A Level Biology Specification

OCR A Level Chemistry Specification

OCR A Level Physics Specification


GCSE Science Learning Resources

Revision World

GCSE Science - Chemistry and Physics

s-cool Science


A level Biology Learning Resources

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A level Chemistry Learning Resources


Chem Guide

Chem Revision

A level Physics Learning Resources

Physics Tutor - A Level Revision Resources

SWOT Revision for A Level Physics



Curriculum Maps: Key Stage 3




Science science y7Science science y8Science science y9

Curriculum Maps: Key Stage 4 Combined Science


Science combined biology y10

Science combined chemistry y10

Science combined physics y10

Science combined biology y11

Science combined chemistry y11

Science combined physics y11

Curriculum Maps: Key Stage 4 Triple Science

Science gcse biology y10

Science gcse biology y11

Science gcse chemistry y10

Science gcse chemistry y11

Science gcse physics y10

Science gcse physics y11

Curriculum Maps: Key Stage 5


Science biology y12Science biology y13


Science chemistry y12

Science chemistry y13

Science physics y12

Science physics y13