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National Poetry Day 2023

National Poetry Day 2023
13th Oct 2023
Written by ASM

National Poetry Day

Inspiration of ‘Refuge’ theme

On Thursday 5 October Southborough celebrated National Poetry Day, an annual  encouragementl to enjoy, discover and share poetry. The theme was “REFUGE’’,  whether the refuge of finding peace and solace within someone’s mind, or a safe home to come back to at the end of each day, or of being a refugee trying to find a safe place to build a new life. The aim for our students was to think deeper about what refuge  meant to different people.

Poetry across the curriculum

Throughout the day – and whatever the subject – teachers were encouraged to instil elements of poetry into their lesson plans. Examples were ‘writing in the style of’, reading aloud, making a couplet or poem  using key words. 

Golden Ticket Winners

Golden tickets - like those in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! - were awarded to standout NPD students throughout the day.

The lucky dip ticket draw winners were:

3rd:    Fahim Ahmed   11MRB 

2nd:   Euell Kang     9STY

1st:     Ethan Williams   10DMO

Poetry Symposium and SHS Poet Laureate 2023-24

Students could enter a poetry writing competition based on the theme. Teachers also displayed poems that they wished to share with students around the school.

More than a hundred good quality entries were received! The Poetry Symposium at lunchtime was copiously attended, with guests sharing their love of poetry.

The highlight was the Grand Final, where our six amazing finalists read out their poems to an eager audience.. The panel of judges  - Mr Haque, Ms Bashir and A-level English Literature student Jessica H - had a difficult time deciding on their favourite poems. However, the results are as follows:

Third place: The Refugees  Yazan J     8CLC

Second place: Refuge      Arthur RC 7HCR

First place: Refuge     Joshua M  9RHE

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As NPD Champion, Joshua was declared SHS Poet Laureate 2023-24 and will carry out this honour at all public functions (internally and externally).

The Winning Poem


A barren landscape all around
A place of refuge can be found
Somewhere with comfort, warm and peace
The dangers of the world will cease

Hope will come to those who seek
The world outside became so bleak
Like a crab who needs a shell
Before this place may turn to hell

Families lost in a different land
People lost like grains of sand
The weight they’re feeling must be huge
The people here will seek refuge.


This year, NPD was again packed full of creative energy and productivity.

Many thanks to Ms Salloo, Mrs Panesar and the rest of the English department, together with our librarian Mrs Henman and our Sixth Form English Literature students, for organising such a rewarding and enjoyable day.