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Halloween Competitions 2023

Halloween Competitions 2023
10th Nov 2023
Written by ASM

Winners announced

Here at Southborough, we wanted to ensure that our students were given the opportunity to show-case their creative talents by setting them the challenge before we broke up for the Half Term break to take part in one of two seasonal Halloween-themed competitions, namely a pumpkin carving competition for those who like to roll their sleeves up and get ‘arty’ – and for those who enjoy putting pen to paper - a competition to write a short, scary story.

Suffice to say, our boys did not disappoint and the entries –which they submitted on their first day back from Half Term - were impressive in deed!

Our boys did not disappoint, with very impressive efforts made over 1/2 term.

It was lovely to see so many creative pumpkin competition entries: one with  berry hair and ‘collagen’ enhanced lips, another with a sinister ‘Peppa Pig’ twist and another that had a ‘Frankenstein’ feel to it – with surgical staples and blood soaked teeth ripping into a smaller sized pumpkin! Creativity at its best – and most gory!

Pumpkin Carving Winners

After much deliberation, the judges awarded Year 7 student Kaneksh  K (7HCR)’s ’Frankenstein’ as the winner. Special commendations went to Mason T (7MCO) and Jack W (7HMO) for their equally innovative designs.

Img 4586Pumpkin 2023 Winner

Spooky Story Winners

For those who were happier to let their imaginations run riot on paper, the short scary story entries were, well, scary indeed!

Our trusted Librarian Mrs Hensman was incredibly impressed with all the spooky stories submitted but it was ‘The Lonely Lake’ by Subhan S (7HMO) that won first place. This was a great story that drew readers in with its fascinating characters, all of whom you could identify with. But then the atmosphere changed and became much more sinister, with the tension growing towards an exciting ending. Moving house and starting a new school can be worrying but hopefully not this frightening!

Year 7 student Stefan C (7DPU) was runner up with his story entitled ‘The boy who Escaped, then Perished’, which demonstrated great use of language to create a particularly sinister atmosphere. Presentation was also highlighted; the paper on which it was submitted looked like an old tattered document, complete with blood stains! Also a runner up was Maksmilian W D(7CME) with his ‘Untitled Tale’. This was a very spooky tale which built up to a great and frightening twist at the end!

On behalf of the school, we’d like to thank all those students who took part in the pumpkin carving and scary story writing competitions. They all demonstrated fantastic creativity!  Rest assured, all students who took the trouble and time to enter either of the competitions were awarded a plentiful amount of positive points!

In addition, we’d like to thank our Business Manager Mrs Bennett for organising and running such a fun event.