Leo B - On court Griffin

The act of taking on certain challenges –and overcoming them – can often lead to great rewards. That’s why CHALLENGE is one of Southborough’s key values. Current Year 9 Leo B embodies this particular value whole-heartedly. Leo spent three full 7-hour days during the recent half term break taking part in the ‘Aspire Basketball England’ trials. To be selected to take part was a huge achievement in itself. Over 20,000 young basketball players were considered, with only 200 players making the final selection, Leo being one of them.  Leo feels that the trials went very well indeed and looks forward to hearing back from the organisers very soon.

Leo has recently also taken part in ‘Aspire’ camps and has been invited to join the ‘Super Region’ – a team of the best 15-20 U15 young basketball players in London. Additionally, he has a number of further trials that he has been invited to take part in but he feels more than ready for the challenge!

Playing in the positions of ‘Shooting Guard’ or ‘Small Guard’, he loves the interaction and challenge offered by both. Having started playing basketball at primary school age, by the age of 11 he had joined his first club, the Kingston Lions. Combining his school work with a heavy training schedule isn’t easy; he travels to London as part of the ‘London Elite’ team to train at least three times a week and is proud of the team’s ‘clean sheet’ for the season so far. The team regularly play against some of the best basketball teams in the country and the physical and mental demands of always playing at your best much be a constant challenge for Leo and his team mates.

Unsurprisingly, Leo is also a key player for the Southborough Griffin Basketball Team and loves playing alongside his classmates.

Leo is determined to do whatever it takes to become a professional basketball player in the future and is already thinking about moving to America after he completes his GCSEs. We know that he is talented and driven enough to meet –and exceed – whatever challenges that lay ahead for him in his quest to become a successful professional basketball player. Just watch this space. We know he will succeed!